• Mobile Client for Android
  • Mobile Client for iPhone / iOS
  • Point & Click Call Control
  • Visual Voicemail
  • Presence Management
  • Follow-me Call Forwarding
  • VoIP & Mobile Extensions
  • Remote Access to Voicemail
  • Voicemail Sent Via Email
  • Unlimited Multi Level Auto-Attendants
  • Virtually Unlimited Voicemail
  • Music on Hold/Messages on Hold
  • Detailed Call Logs & Call History
  • Multiple Site Networking with VoIP
  • Cost Effective Call Center Application

Wave IP 500 & 2500 Phone Systems

Vertical Wave IP is changing the game when it comes to business IP-PBX phone systems. Wave IP is built to give you more than just dial tone. This phone system features Applications InsideTM that enable business applications on your desktop computer that interface to the phones system. As a hybrid system, the Wave IP can function in a mixed environment with traditional and VoIP extensions and trunking, allowing you to keep your current service or phones when it’s best to do so while allowing for a smooth transition to new technologies now or in the future.

Central to the success of this phone system is the ease of use of the desktop and administrative applications. Users become more productive and administrators can easily make changes and get information about the use of the phone system like worker call activity and call logs exported to an easy to read format in Microsoft Excel.

Wave IP 500 for Small Office & Branch Offices. 5-50 users.

Wave IP 2500 for Medium & Large Offices. 30-350 users.


Reduce Costs with VoIP Trunking – Wave IP is compatible with many SIP based VoIP service providers. In many circumstances, businesses can realize around a 30% monthly saving on phone service with SIP VoIP versus traditional lines from the phone company.

Visual Voicemail and More with Viewpoint – Wave Viewpoint is Vertical’s award winning desktop call control software. Instead of an extra cost add-on, this application is included for every phone user that has a Windows PC. This powerful application enables point and click call control, visual voicemail and presence management.

Presence Management – Build into the Viewpoint desktop application is presence management. This powerful view gives you instant, real-time detail about the state all users on the system are in. It gives you information about who is on the phone, who is out of the office, in a meeting or in DND mode. This can even be seen across multiple sites with WaveNet multi-site add-on.

Advanced Call Routing – Wave includes customizable call routing for mobile users and VIP customers. Users can setup multiple call locations such as cell phones and home phones. Customizable rules can be setup for important customers to make sure their calls get handled and/or custom, personalized messages.

Multi-Site Networking with WaveNet – The Wave phone system with it’s voice over IP architecture is designed with multi-site applications in mind. Multiple systems in different locations can be networked together into one seamless enterprise phone system, including voicemail and presence management across all sites.

Voicemail to email – Wave can easily be setup to send your voicemail directly to your email account. For mobile users that receive email on their cell phone, this makes sure you can get your office voicemail from anywhere.

Call Recording – The Wave phone system can easily record calls either via the Viewpoint application with the click of a mouse, or recording options can be setup to record all system calls.

Wave Contact Center – The Wave Contact Center is an add-on option that enables powerful group calling features. Whether you have a hundred in a group or just a few, the contact center is the perfect application for sales, technical support and customer service groups.

Reporting – Wave has several built in reports that administrators and managers can run to get information on user call habits and system activity. The Reporter option enables even more detailed reports for Contact Center agents. The reports are generated in an easy to read Excel format.